1696-1709 - Galliae feu Franciae Tabula qua omnes Provinciae, Viae angiariae, et aliae res notatu dignae, distincte et peraccurate ostenduntur per Nicolaum Visser. - Antique

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Item number: EUR214JR
Genuine Antique Map

c. 1696-1709

Maker: Nicolas Visscher.

Black and White Antique Map of France and adjacent regions, by Nicolas Visscher in "Variae Tabulae Geographicae.." c. 1696-1709. Extremely detailed, with roads, rivers and water bodies, mountains and landforms, and very complete cities, towns, villages; title embellished with lovely illustrations. Very good overall antique condition, some slight discoloration at edges, 22.5 x 28.5 inches. **Spring Sale: was $475, now $285! Net.**

Item Number: EUR214JR