Antique Framed Postcards: Original or Reproduction

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Item number: PCF005

1900 - present

Maker: Varies.


**One of our most popular gifts.** Purchase original antique postcards from us or have us make postcard prints for a popular custom gift. Using one of our classic black wooden frames and stock high quality mats, for five cuts or postcards, framing will cost: $110.00 with UV glass, $130.00 with UV non glare glass, $160.00 with museum glass or UV protective plexi (for shipping) plus the price of the 5 original postcards, or 5 postcard prints for $40.00. All framing is conservation quality. Overall size: 8 x 27. Allow 3 weeks for assembly. In store pick up only. For shipped item, please see PCF005PL.


Item Number: PCF005