1750 - City Plans and Forts of Ireland.*****SOLD***** - Antique

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Item number: EUR337
Hand Colored Engraved Genuine Antique City Plans and Forts

c. 1750

Maker: Tindal/Rapin.

Unusual antique array of hand colored engraved city plans of the major cities of Ireland, as well as some forts, showing Drogheda, with the Battle of the Boyne, Londonderry, Kinsaile Harbour, Charliamount Fort, Gallway, The Harbour of Corke, Coleraine, The City of Dublin, The City of Kilkenny, Carickfergus, The City of Corke, Athlone, Limerick, The Royal Fort of Duncannon, Bellfast, and Waterford. Very good condition, approx. 16 x 19.75 inches.*****SOLD*****

Item Number: EUR337