1865 - Italy. General Map, Including Switzerland, Tyrol, and the Alps. *****SOLD***** - Antique

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Item number: EUR2260
Genuine Antique Hand Colored Map

c. 1865

Maker: Dower/Weekly Dispatch.

Hand colored antique map of Italy by Dower, published in the Weekly Dispatch Atlas, c. 1865. This map shows a newly unified Italy (1861), although its borders are not the same as they are today. Notably, Italy would not own southern Tyrol or Trieste until after the first World War (1919). This map may have been published earlier than 1865 but Venice was owned by the Austrian Empire until 1866, when Prussia allowed Italy to annex the area in return for an alliance in the Austro-Prussian War. It appears to have been published in the 1863 Weekly Dispatch Atlas, but we cannot find an explanation for why part of the Austrian Empire would be designated as part of Italy prior to the official annexation. This map is in good antique condition with some edge wear and a vertical fold at center. Approx. 16.75 x 12 inches to the neatline. **SOLD**

Item Number: EUR2260