1895/1911 - Plan of Boston Proper. Showing Changes in Street and Wharf Lines 1795-1895*****SOLD***** - Antique Map

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Item number: TOW155
Genuine Antique Folding City Plans


Maker: Walker/Sampson and Murdock.

Two antique folding city plans of Boston Proper, in book-like cover. The first map, "Plan of Boston Proper Showing Changes in Street and Wharf Lines 1795 to 1895" by Charles Perkins for George Walker, 1895, shows the changes in streets and wharf lines, by color, during this time. Lithograph, on parchment type paper, unfolded measures approx. 20.75 x 35.75 inches. Condition excellent. The second map, "Map of the City of Boston, Published for the Boston Directory by Sampson & Murdock Co.", 1911, is black and white, on parchment type paper, measuring approx. 29.50 x 34.50 inches. Includes Boston, Charlestown, Cambridge, Brookline, Brighton, Roxbury, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain. Shows great detail of streets and major points of interest. Condition good to very good, some small repairable separations along fold lines, some toning and slight foxing. Cover in Very good overall antique condition.*****SOLD*****

Item Number: TOW155