1850 - St. Pauls, Broadway, N.Y. **SOLD** - Antique Print

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Item number: OTH259
Genuine Antique Hand Colored Print

c. 1850

Maker: Tallis.

Antique hand colored print of St. Paul's Chapel on Broadway in New York City, NY, by Tallis, c. 1850. This is the oldest surviving church in Manhattan, built in 1766. Print is bordered by decorative vignettes including the "Tumults occasioned by the Stamp Act," and "Seizure of the Liberty Sloop at Boxton, 1768." Very good overall antique condition with some mild wrinkling, toning, and minor staining of the paper. Printed area measures approximately 8.25" x 6.75". *****SOLD*****

Item Number: OTH259