About Us

Who are we, anyway?


Before purchasing their business in Chatham, husband and wife Bob Zaremba and Danielle Jeanloz lived in many parts of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New York, Canada, and Europe, and spent many years traveling throughout the world. Having visited Chatham for more than 30 years, they decided to settle into this lovely resort community. Its natural beauty, cultural and social opportunities, proximity to major cities, gentle climate (for the Northeast), and small town character delight guests and residents alike.


Danielle and Bob on vacation


Danielle has a broad range of personal and professional backgrounds. She is Swiss and spent many of her childhood years in the Boston area. She had a twenty-five year career with American Airlines and more recently served for two years as Executive Director of the Chatham Chamber of Commerce. After starring in a national television commercial for Vista Print a few years back, Danielle became something of a celebrity. Most recently, Danielle was the Executive Director of The Atwood House, home of the Chatham Historical Society until she retired in 2020.

Bob visiting Murray Hudson, a fellow map dealer

Bob was originally from Vermont and has had family ties to Chatham since the 1960's. He earned his doctorate in Botany at The University of Massachusetts and has been a conservation biologist for more than 30 years.  His dissertation research was conducted on the Nauset Spit System on Cape Cod.  He used early maps to document changes in the form of barrier beaches and develop physical models for the movement of Northeastern barrier beaches over time.   He worked for the Nature Conservancy, primarily in New York State, for 18 years, and he continues his botanical work as a part time consultant.


In 1999, Bob and Danielle published a History of Chatham” using old postcards and photographs.  This local book describing various changes to both town and land has been reprinted a number of times and continues to sell well.  In 2000, they published a postcard history book of Middlebury, Vermont – another of their favorite places.


How did we get into maps and where did we get them?


Twenty five years ago, Bob and Danielle developed secondary businesses in the field of antiques.  They specialized in oriental carpets, early country furniture, sterling silver, as well as maps and charts.  Bob had used maps in his botanical work and had become increasingly interested in the field of maps.  In 2000, he and Danielle purchased Chatham Antiques and after buying and selling several hundred antique maps, they decided to become specialists in this area.  In 2006, when former Maps of Antiquity owner Lynn Vigeant was ready to retire, she approached Bob and Danielle with her 18-year-old business.  The timing was perfect. After retiring from 18 years at The Nature Conservancy, Bob was ready to develop a new full-time career dealing maps. 


Maps of Antiquity moved to Chatham in 2006.  The new business included more than 4,000 maps, a reproduction map business, a framing business, and extensive training with Lynn Vigeant.  There was no grand opening or fanfare in the new location because there was constant activity and growth.  Former customers found our shop, new visitors stopped in, decorators and businesses requested our services and our website business began to grow.  As Bob increased the business quickly in the new location, Danielle decided to join him full time in 2008.


In 2009, Maps of Antiquity acquired another significant map business.  Jon and Bernice Rosenthal of Amherst Antiquarian maps were retiring after over 30 years in the business.  Their contribution to Maps of Antiquity included a fine collection of 17th and 18th century maps, over 8,000 antique maps and prints, training, and an apprenticeship in map restoration. 


Now what?


Now over 30 years in existence, Maps of Antiquity is thriving and enjoying ongoing expansion. Our current collection of maps, prints and charts includes more than 18,000 items.  Our goal is to remain small enough to offer personalized service to each of our customers while still growing and finding new images, historical records, and new ways to preserve these pieces for many years to come.  

About 60% of our inventory is currently online.  We continue to increase this inventory as we recognize that many of our customers like to shop from a distance before (or instead of) stopping by.  We currently remain open year-round. We're here almost every day: Mondays through Saturday from 10am until 5pm, and Sundays 12pm until 5pm EST, except for a few major holidays.  We are also available for appointments after hours.  We understand that many of our customers lead busy lives and we aim to be accessible at their convenience. 

Over the years, Maps of Antiquity has taken on several employees whose unique backgrounds and areas of expertise have shaped our small business. Currently we have one full time employee. 





Perri and Bob at Leventhal Map Center in Boston

Perri O. Kapp, our Information Manager, earned her Bachelor's degree at Wheaton College and holds a Master's degree in Art History from Tufts University. In her free time, she can be found in the woods, at the beach, reading, making, learning, and daydreaming about kittens.




Dwight Meyer, our neighbor, comes in once or twice a week to help us organize our inventory.  Dwight is a World War 2 veteran. His wonderful late wife, Fluorine, also used to come in to help out. Their wisdom and humor have been invaluable assets to us, both professionally and personally.



Our Customers


We proudly serve thousands of customers each year.  In addition to working with individuals, we do business with many organizations, including the following.



Chatham Bars Inn

Chatham Gables Inn

Captain’s House Inn

The Platinum Pebble

Town of Chatham

Atwood House Museum & Chatham Historical Society



Provincetown Monument


Cape Cod Symphony



First Commons Bank 

Yale Medical Center/CAMA


Our Affiliates


Chatham Guestrooms - Spacious Guest Suites at a value in Chatham, owned and managed by Maps of Antiquity owners

CCADA - Cape Cod Antique Dealers Association

Chatham Chamber of Commerce - Information Source for Cape Cod


Featured Articles


Maps of Antiquity has been featured in Chatham Living by the SeaCapeCod Life, Chatham Bars Inn (in-room magazine), NPR/WCAI, Dove and (an Italian Travel Magazine).