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Colorful representations of the constellations October, November, December including Aries, Cetus, Aquarius, Andromeda, Pegasus. Antique-Map-Northern-Constellations-October-November-December

1835 - Constellations October, November, December. - Antique Star Map

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Item number: CEL009A
Hand Colored Genuine Antique Celestial Map


Maker: Burritt.


Hand colored antique celestial map from Burritt's Atlas, Designed to Illustrate The Geography of the Heavens, 1835. Very good antique condition, some spots, vibrant original color. Measures approx. 13.75 x 13.25 inches to the neatline. Other versions available in lesser condition at lower prices, please email us for photographs. Use search bar to search "Burritt" for some variations.


Item Number: CEL009A