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1851 - The Central Sun and the View of the Fixed Star World - Die Central-Sonne und die Ansicht von der Fixsternenwelt. - Antique Print Map

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Item number: CEL016
Genuine Antique Celestial Map


Maker: Wilhelm Nitzchke.


Antique star print. Title in English is "The Central Sun and the View of the Fixed Star World." Celestial map From the Astronomischer Bilder Atlas, from Wilhelm Nitzschke, Stuttgart, 1851. The fixed stars compose the background of astronomical objects that appear not to move relative to one another in the night sky, unlike the foreground of Solar System objects, which appear to move. Generally, the fixed stars are taken to include all stars other than the Sun. Nebulae and other deep-sky objects may also be counted among the fixed stars.

Text at the bottom is in German. The first few sentences translated with Google Translate are: "Popular astronomy, once confined to a study of the planets within the confines of our solar system, is now in much wider fields. The improvements in our instruments have enabled modern astronomers to penetrate far into the infinite expanses of space beyond our solar system to observe that of the celestial world, where the former so large and splendid it is but a point."

Very good condition with toning throughout. Measures approx. 11.25 x 8 inches. 


Item Number: CEL016