1542 - Tabula Asiae IX Strabonis Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan area)- Antique Map

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Item number: ASI165
Genuine Antique Engraved Map


Maker: Munster.


Antique black and white engraved Strabonis Ptolemeic map of a region of Asia near modern Pakistan (note the Indus River) with part of Afghanistan (note the Paropamisus Mountains) and part of Iran, by Munster, circa 1542. Sebastian Munster was a German geographer, cartographer, Hebraist, and theologian. In 1540 he published a Latin edition of Ptolemy's Geographia with illustrations. He produced new maps to supplement the Ptolemaic maps. The twenty-seven maps of the Ptolemaic canon are supplemented by twenty-one new maps. Further editions appeared in 1541 and 1542. In 1544 he published the Cosmographia one of the most successful works of the 16th century. It passed through 24 editions in 100 years, in different languages, including Latin, French, Italian, English, and even Czech. The last German edition was published in 1628. Munster died at Basel of the plague in 1552. Very good overall antique condition overall. Approximately 10.5 x 13.5 inches. **NOTE- because this map requires extra insurance for shipping, an additional charge will appear on your card after your original purchase. If you would like to know what that charge will be, please contact us.**


Item Number: ASI165