1821 - Genealogical, Historical, and Chronological Map of England, from the Norman Invasion, under William the Conqueror, 1066, to the Accession of Henry VII. 1485. No. 30 - Antique

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Item number: OTH130
Hand Colored Genuine Antique Timeline


Maker: Lavoisne.

From A Complete Genealogical, Historical, Chronological, and Geographical Atlas; Being a General Guide to Ancient and Modern History: An Accurate Account of the Origin, Descent, and Marriages of the Principal Royal Families from the Earliest Authentic Records; Together with the Various Possessions, Wars, Celebrated Battles, and Remarkable Events, to the Year 1821" by Lavoisne, published by Carey & Sons, hand colored antique timeline and geneology including the Families of Normandy, Anjou, Blois, Branch of Lancaster (Red Rose), and Branch of York (White Rose). Fair condition with near complete seam separation that has been archivally repaired, total sheet dimensions are about 16 1/2"h x 20"w. Priced as-is.

Item Number: OTH130