1724 - Insulae Tremitanae, olim Diomedeae dictae. Isles de Diomede ou Tremitanes, Italy

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Item number: JJ008
Genuine Antique Hand Colored Map


Maker: Mortier.

Antique hand colored map showing the Tremiti Islands in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Italy. This map was originally done by Blaeu in 1662 and then republished by Mortier in 1724. The islands include San Domino, La Caprara, and Santo Nicola. The key near the bottom refers to various parts of the fortress on Santo Nicola. The map also includes decorative ships and, at bottom, part of Italy showing the towns nearest the coast. Very good overall antique condition, with some light spotting and staining, and a one inch seam separation at top but it does not go into the neatline. Coloring may not be original. approx. 15 x 19.5 inches to the neatline. **NOTE- because this map requires extra insurance for shipping, an additional charge will appear on your card after your original purchase. If you would like to know what that charge will be, please contact us.**

Item Number: JJ008