Genuine Antique Printed Color Map-Map of Discovery Western Hemisphere-1928-N.C. Wyeth / National Geographic Society-Maps-Of-Antiquity

1928 - Map of Discovery Western Hemisphere - Antique Map

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Item number: WOR362
Genuine Antique Printed Color Map


Maker: N.C. Wyeth / National Geographic Society

Antique printed color map of the Western Hemisphere. This image was created based on a mural by N.C. Wyeth that was done for the National Geographic Society buildings in Washington. It is part of a series of five murals that were printed as fold-out images in the National Geographic Magazines in 1928. This map includes the routes of explorers with a sumptuously colored border featuring putti, the sun and moon, and Neptune and a mermaid. Ships navigate the oceans and a sea monster can be found near the antarctic circle, as well as another at the title. Text at the bottom reads "Painted in quaint Sixteenth Century styel, this chart of the Western Hemisphere suggests the imagination that launched intrepid explorers to the ends of the earth, yet records accurately the boundaries of to-day. On it are traced paths, plowed through the virgin seas and blazed across unknown continents, that gave to man a realization of the true magnitude of his world." Very good condition with folds as issued and some minor separations along the folds. The image is not completely sharp, which makes some of the explorer information difficult to read- this is caused by the printing method. Measures approx. 16 x 18 inches.

Item Number: WOR362