1893 - Cyclists' Road Map of Massachusetts - Part 1 - Berkshire, Franklin, and Hampshire counties - Antique Map

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Item number: MAS1712
Genuine Antique Uncolored Map


Maker: Robinson.

Antique uncolored map "Prepared Expressly for the Mass DIV. L. 4. W. by W.M.T. Oliver," from a series of maps for bicyclists / bicycle / cyclists before the age of cars. It features parts of Berkshire, Franklin, and Hampshire counties, detailing towns, villages, major geological features, roads, and points of interest. Darker lines indicate "Best Roads" while thin parallel lines indicate "Inferior and Cross Roads." In very good antique condition with original folds and some tiny seam separations at fold intersections, it measures approximately 13.25 x 19.5 inches.

Item Number: MAS1712