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1700 - Holy Land - Het Beloofde Landt Canaan door wandelt van onsen Salichmaecker Iesu Christo, neffens syne Apostelen. - Antique Map

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Item number: MID213W
Genuine Antique Uncolored Map

c. 1700

Maker: Stoopendaal.


Antique uncolored map of the Holy Land, by Daniel Stoopendaal, c. 1700. From the Dutch so-called ' Staten' bibles, published between 1637 and c. 1760, this map depicts the the travels of Saint Paul. The lower portion features different episodes of Saint Paul's Travels. Good restored condition with signs of age. Vertical tears are repaired but still visible. Has been cleaned, deacidified, and backed.   Approx. 14 x 18.25 inches to the neatline.


Item Number: MID213