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1856 - A Plan of the Solar System Exhibiting its Relative Magnitudes and Distances - Antique Print Map

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Item number: CEL007A
Genuine Antique Celestial Chart


Maker: Burritt.

Antique celestial chart from Burritt's Atlas, Designed to Illustrate The Geography of the Heavens, 1856. Shows the relative size of the planets and Sun, the comparative distances of the planets from the Sun, and a Plan of the Solar System Exhibiting the relative Position of the Planet Orbits and their Inclination to the Plane of the Ecliptic, etc. This is the later version, which includes the planet Uranus. The previous version from 1835 labeled Uranus as Herschel.

For the earlier version see CEL007

Fair overall antique condition with image transfer aka ghosting, and some wear and small tears at the paper edges. This chart is an antique and shows its age but is still delightful and would look very nice when framed. Measures approx. 15.75 x 28 inches. Priced based on condition.

Item Number: CEL007A