1940 - Chatham, Massachusetts - Antique Map

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Item number: MAS2264
Genuine Antique Map


Maker: Dunbar.

Antique map of Chatham, Massachusetts, as seen through the eyes of local artist, Harold Dunbar. This fun tourist map states that it is accurate in geographical proportions and outline and is intended to show the various possibilities for pleasure and recreation in Chatham Township. It is humorously annotated by Harold Dunbar with local trivia and was published as a brochure by the Chatham Chamber of Commerce. The left side of the page features delightful enticements for potential travelers, and the back side includes practical information such as places to stay, points of interest, history, restaurants and tea rooms, and more. Very good antique condition with folds as issued and mild toning. Some slight wear at the folds. The map of Chatham measures approx. 6.75 x 7 inches and the total page dimensions are about 9 x 16 inches. 


Item Number: MAS2264