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1745 - A Correct Chart of the Bay of Biscay, Part of the Western Ocean & Mediterranean Sea, Describing the Coasts of Spain and Portugal, with Part of France, from Morlaix to Valencia. ****SOLD**** - Antique Chart

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Item number: EUR544
Engraved Genuine Antique Nautical Chart


Maker: Tindal/Rapin.

Black and white antique engraved chart of the bay of Biscay, part of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Portugal, and part of the Mediterranean Sea, with compass rose, from Mr. Tindal's Continuation of Mr. Rapin's History of England. Shows coastlines of France, Spain and Portugal, with port cities and towns. Good condition, overall toning, some frayed edges, approx. 18.5 x 15 inches. ***SOLD***

Item Number: EUR544