A Map of the Town of Chatham, Mass. - Reproduction

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Item number: REP057


Maker: Eldridge.

Extra high quality one to one reproduction of the 1890 folding map of Chatham, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, by George Eldridge. This unusual map was developed by the Hotel Chatham to give to their guests. Key landmarks, streets, the Chatham Railroad, and businesses of the time are indicated. The Chatham Hotel was Chatham's first luxury hotel, developed a little before its time. In an age before cars, it was necessary to take a 3 mile wagon ride from the nearest train station to reach the property. One story is that even before reaching the hotel, many visitors, declared that they would never ride in the bumpy wagon ride over sandy roads again. The severe economic recession of 1893 lead to the failure of the elegant hotel after only about 3 years. Fortunately for Chatham and its fine lodging, a lot has changed since then. This print measures approximately 32.25 x 29 inches measured to the edges of the printed area. Paper may be larger but can be trimmed as needed..

Item Number: REP057