1794 - A New Map of North America, with the West India Islands - Antique Map

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Item number: NAM174
Genuine Antique Hand Colored Map


Maker: Laurie & Whittle.

Antique hand colored map of North America published in 1794 by Laurie & Whittle. The full title is "A New Map of North America, with the West India Islands, Divided according to the Preliminary Articles of Peace, Signed at Versailles, 20 Jan. 1783 wherein are particularly distinguished the United States, and the several Provinces, Governments &ca. which compose the British Dominions laid down according to the Latest Surveys and corrected from the Original Materials of Governor Pownall, Member of Parliament." This map was originally published in 1755 and updated many times as more land was explored and land rights changed. This map was issued in two parts, north and south, and each has folds as issued. Includes text at the top explaining the fishing rights of the United States. Highly detailed ornamental cartouche. Lower inset map is "A Passage By Land to California" and upper inset map is "A Particular map of Baffin and Hudson's Bay". Very good antique condition with some spotting. It is in two pieces and includes folds as issued. Approx. 40 x 45 together. Each half is approx. 20 x 45. **NOTE- because this map requires extra insurance for shipping, an additional charge will appear on your card after your original purchase. If you would like to know what that charge will be, please contact us.** **SOLD**

Item Number: NAM174