1851 - A New Map of the State of Iowa. - Antique Map

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Item number: MWE085
Genuine Antique Hand Colored Map


Maker: Mitchell/Cowperthwait, Desilver & Butler.

Antique hand colored map, from Mitchell's "New Universal Atlas, Containing Maps of the Various Empires, Kingdoms, States and Republics of the World, With a Special Map of Each of the United States, Plans of Cities, etc.", 1851. This map looks very similar to MWE237 from 1850, and in fact this map is also copyright 1850, but the maps' keys show where they differ. Close inspection of the two maps makes it clear that they do show different things. This map shows the State Capital, County Town, Common do., RailRoads, Stage Do., Common Do., and Canals. The 1850 map shows Do. in Progress and Do. Proposed. Very good antique condition with some toning, 16 x 13 inches.

Item Number: MWE085