1951 - A Pictorial Map of the United States of America Showing Principal Regional Resources, Products, and Natural Features - Antique Map

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Item number: USA324
Genuine Antique Printed Color Map

c. 1951

Maker: Esso Standard Oil Company.

Antique printed color map of the United States published c. 1951 published by Esso The maps are copyright General Drafting Co, Inc. This map of the US features illustrations of regional resources, products, and natural features. An inset map in the upper right shows the location of the USA in relation to the rest of the world, while inset maps at the bottom show Oil Producing Areas, Principal Pipelines, and Oil Refinery Areas (these were changed from the original map to represent the interests of Esso). The box of text gives Facts About the United States. This map was published many times in various iterations. This particular map was published by Esso and the verso features a Trip-Planning Map of the United States with highways, as well as a distance chart, and photos and text probably intended to inspire the desire to travel the country. The noteon the back says that copies can be obtained by contacting the Public Relations Dept of Esso Standard Oil. Very good condition, with folds as issued. Approx. 24 x 32 inches to the paper edges.

Item Number: USA324