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1861 - Johnson's Africa - Antique Map

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Item number: AFR299
Genuine Antique Map


Maker: Johnson & Browning


Antique hand-colored map of Africa published in Johnson's New Illustrated Family Atlas, 1861 by Johnson & Browning. Colored by country/region/state. Includes an inset map of St Helena and two views: Cape Town & Table Mount, Port Natal. Shows as far north as the English Channel and as far south as the Prince Edward Islands (two small uninhabited islands in the sub-Antarctic Indian Ocean). With numerous routes of explorers. This map is particularly interesting because of the notes about exploration, including the proof of the non-existence of the Mountains of the Moon. This was shortly after Lake Victoria was discovered by Europeans and a dashed line suggests a connection between the lake and the Nile for the first time. Good condition with some toning and a few minor spots. Slight darkening along center fold. Approx. 16 x 22 inches to the neatline.


Item Number: AFR299