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Africae nova descriptio - Reproduction -

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Item number: REP371CL
Digitally Engraved Specialty Reproduction

Maker: Reproduction.

High-quality hand-printed and hand-colored reproduction of an antique map of Africa by Blaeu in 1642, showing views of African cities across the top and indigenous costumes along the sides. The map features animals, including elephants, monkeys, ostriches, gazelles, lions, cheetahs and camels. In the oceans are sailing ships, sea monsters, flying fish, and a compass rose. Made using a combination of modern technology and traditional methods, wherein an original is scanned, its likeness is digitally etched onto an engraving plate, then the plate is used to print the image in the traditional way, with a printing press. The map is then hand colored and mounted onto linen cloth. This map consists of twelve sheets that measure approx. 9" x 8.75" each with about 1/4 inch of linen visible between them. Total overall dimensions are approx. 27" x 35.75" to the paper edges. There is approximately 1.75" of linen margin beyond the paper that can be folded under when the map is framed. For other reproductions made in this method, please see the left side bar category "Digitally Engraved Specialty Reproductions".

Item Number: REP371CL