1824 - An Improved Mercator's Chart of the North Sea - Antique Chart

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Item number: NAU143
Genuine Antique Nautical Chart


Maker: Norie.

Antique working nautical chart of the North Sea, by Norie, 1824. With central compass rose and triangulation, as well as many recognition profiles. With East at the top, and True North to the left, this antique chart includes portions of the coasts of the Netherlands, France, Norway, Scotland, the Shetland Islands and Jutland. Good condition overall, chart is whole, two reparable tears, lower right and center; some foxing left side, some surface soiling. Framed in black and gold, chart measures approx. 35.5 x 47.5 inches. Additional shipping charges apply for framed pieces. **NOTE- because this map requires extra insurance for shipping, an additional charge will appear on your card after your original purchase. If you would like to know what that charge will be, please contact us.**

Item Number: NAU143