mid-1700s - Antique Sheet Music - In Natali Presbyteri - xiv-xiij - Antique
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mid-1700s - Antique Sheet Music - In Natali Presbyteri - xiv-xiij - Antique

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Item number: OTH327
Genuine Antique Sheet Music

c. mid-1700s

Maker: Unknown.

Antique sheet music used for religious services, mid to late 18th century. The exact date of this sheet is unknown, however, a guess can be made due to various attributes, including the fact that it was wood block printed, the ornate letters, and the use of accidentals. The convention of an accidental remaining in force through a measure developed only gradually over the 18th century. Before then, accidentals only applied to immediately repeated notes or short groups when the composer felt it was obvious that the accidental should continue. The older practice continued in use well into the 18th century. Antique sheet music is difficult to date. We believe that generally sheet music hand painted on vellum was likely created in the earlier Middle Ages, while sheet music on paper that is hand painted would have been produced in the middle or later Middle Ages. French monks are known to have begun creating their own paper around 1350 C.E. Sheet music that is printed would have been created after the printing press was invented in Europe (1453 C.E.) and is therefore believed to have been made in the early Renaissance. These generalizations help give us an idea of possible age, but we cannot know if a piece was created in an area that adopted new techniques early or clung to past methods later. This sheet is the title page for the song, and includes an ornate letter "S" at the top of the front side of the page. Good overall antique condition with some minor signs of age, as well as a 2" tear at one side of the antique paper. Sheet measures approximately 19.25" x 13.25" (H x W) overall.

Item Number: OTH327