17th century - Antique Sheet Music SS. Corporis Christi pg. 75-76 - Antique

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Item number: OTH191
Printed Black and Red Genuine Antique Sheet Music

c. 17th century

Maker: Unknown.


Antique page of printed sheet music printed on both sides and on laid paper. The words to the music are in Latin. This sheet is believed to be from Gradualia I by William Byrd, the first volume of Byrd's two-volume compilation of music for the major feasts of the Church's calendar that was published in 1605. The extreme rarity of surviving copies of this first edition is perhaps explained by the events of November of that year, after which simply the possession of a copy of this music could have been construed as a treasonable offence. A second edition was issued in 1610, when the domestic political situation had become more secure for Roman Catholics. The actual print date for this page is unknown but based on the printing and paper, it is believed to be from the 1600s. These pages are small and not ornate are were likely meant for active use, such as in a choir. Very good antique condition with some minor light staining and a very light water stain at bottom. This page comes from the same book as the page listed under item number OTH192. Approx. 11 x 7 inches. **SOLD**


Item Number: OTH191