1876 - Arctic Perils - The Recent Disaster to the Whaling Fleet - Antique Print

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Item number: PRN008
Genuine Antique Print


Maker: Harper's Weekly.

Antique black and white prints published in Harper's Weekly on November 18, 1876. Dramatic depiction of the difficulties of whaling in the 19th century when ships are caught in ice for long periods of time. Images are titled The Fleet Inclosed in the Ice-Pack; The Camp on a Grounded Iceberg; Escape of the Bark "Florence." Can be hand colored by our professional colorist for an additional charge. Text on back is slightly visible through the page. Overall good to very good antique condition with toning, some minor stains, edge wear, darkening in areas, and slight creases/wrinkles in the paper. Should look good if framed. Page dimensions are approx. 16.25 x 11 inches. Note: any "rainbows" or strange patterns in the image are called moire pattern- caused by taking a digital photo or scan of the many parallel lines in the print- these are not in the print and we can try to take more photos if you are concerned.

Item Number: PRN008