1836 - Atlas, Designed to Illustrate The Geography of the Heavens, Comprising the Following Maps or Plates (Intact Atlas, with Complete Set of Eight)*****SOLD***** - Antique

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Item number: CEL015A


Maker: Burritt.

Intact complete 1836 edition of Burritt's Geography of the Heavens. Contains eight celestial maps and charts, seven are hand colored, original color: Plan Exhibiting Relative Magnitudes, The Visible Heavens (Four Maps, for four seasons), The Visible Heavens (Two Maps, for Northern and for Southern Polar Regions), and Planisphere of the Whole Heavens on Mercator's Projection. Very good overall antique condition, approx. 16 x 14 inches. (Note that the brown stain which appears on the front cover is on the cover only, it does not appear on the interior antique celestial maps).*****SOLD*****

Item Number: CEL015A