1756 - Billingsgate Ward and Bridge Ward Within with their Divisions into Parishes According to a New Survey - Antique Map

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Item number: TOW484

Genuine Antique Hand Colored Map


Maker: Cole/Maitland.


Antique map of Billingsgate Ward and Bridge Ward, London, England. Engraved by Benjamin Cole, Published by William Maitland, 1756. Shows a general overview of the area, with names of major streets, London Bridge (when it had houses on it- in fact, just a few years before the houses were demolished in 1761), and notes points of interest. Features a decorative cartouche, compass rose, illustrations of "The West Prospect of St. Mary at Hill near Billinsgate" [sic] and "The North West Prospect of St. Botolph in Botolph Lane near Billinsgate," [sic] and The Arms of William Bockford, Esq. & The Arms of William Stephenson, Esqr. Recent Hand Coloring. Visible plate mark. Good to very good overall antique condition with mild toning, wrinkling, and very minor foxing. Measures approximately 9.25" x 14.25" (H x W) to the neatline.


Item Number: TOW484