1896 - Bird's-Eye View of the Buildings and Campus of Princeton College - Antique

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Item number: COL075BW
Uncolored Genuine Antique Illustration


Maker: Harper's Weekly.

Uncolored antique illustration from Harper's Weekly, 1896, showing a bird's eye view of significant buildings of the Princeton campus, including University Hall, Reunion Hall, the observatory, the New Laboratory, the Morphological Laboratory, Examination Hall, the Library, Whig Hall, the Art Museum, and the Infirmary, among others. Text below is titled Princeton's Achievements and Aims. Very good overall antique condition, with fold at center as issued and three tiny white spots where glue at the center seam caused the pages to stick together, double page print measures 14.5 x 19.5 inches to edge of printing. **SOLD**

Item Number: COL075BW