1775 - Carte des Nouvelles Decouvertes - Extrait d'une Carte Japonoise de l'Univers - Antique Map

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Item number: WOR304
Genuine Antique Uncolored Map


Maker: Diderot.

Antique copper plate maps of the North Pacific area with western North America and Eastern Asia, published by Diderot in 1775. On this sheet are two fascinating early maps (both copied from other map sources) of the Bering Sea area. The upper map by Buache shows the newest discoveries in the northern Pacific acquired primarily from the First and Sceond Kamchatka expeditions commissioned by Peter I the Great, with the second expedition implemented by Russian Empresses Anna and Elizabeth and later called the Great Northern Expedition. Peter I had a vision for the 18th-century Russian Navy to map a Northern Sea Route from Europe to the Pacific. Very noticeable are the attempts to suggest a Northwest Passage to Hudson Bay, including the mythical Sea of the West. The full title of the lower map translates to "Extract from a Japanese map of the universe brought to Europe by Kampfer and deposited in the cabinet of the late Mr. Han-Sloane, president of the Royal Society of London." This map is notable for the large size of Japan and the interesting representation of California and the rest of North America. Very good antique condition, generally clean with som slight image transfer. Measures approx. 11.5 x 14 inches to the neatline. Sheet measures approx. 17 x 20.25 inches.

Item Number: WOR304