1758 - Carte du Detroit de Waeigats, ou de Nassau - Antique Map

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Item number: RUS004
Genuine Antique Map


Maker: Bellin.

Antique uncolored map of the southern part of present-day Novaya Zemlya, in Russian Siberia, written in French, by Bellin, c. 1760. Includes decorative cartouche. Apparently in 1594 this area was given the name New Holland by the Dutch but by 1758 it was called Samoiedie (in French) for the Samoyedic people who were the inhabitants. With folds, as issued. Visible plate mark. Very good overall antique condition with slight toning and a coupls of spots, mostly in margin. Measures approximately 7.25" x 11.75" to the neatline.

Item Number: RUS004