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Carte Geographique de la Nouvelle Franse.... Reproduction

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Item number: REP464

Maker: Reproduction.

High quality giclee reproduction of an early map of the east coast of Canada and the north-east US. This is a reproduction of a later reproduction- this version was published in 1849 by Pease as a copy of Champlain's original 1612 map. Interesting early mapping of the new world including sketches of the sorts of people and plants found there, and various fish (some quite monstrous looking) in the water. The Maritimes seem to be well understood except for the apparent absence of Prince Edward Island. South of Canada seems to get a bit less reliable. Very interesting and visually appealing map! Approx. 20 x 33 inches to the edge of the printed area. Measured to the edges of the printed area. Paper may be larger but can be trimmed as needed.

Item Number: REP464