1791 - Chart of the Palus Maeotis and Pontus Euxinus Greece - Antique Map

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Item number: EUR1306
Genuine Antique Map


Maker: Barbie du Bocage.

Black and white Antique map titled Chart of the Palus Maeotis and Pontus Euxinus for the Travels of Anacharsis by M. Barbie du Bocage from 1781. Shows the Black Sea and Crimea. From the 1791 book Maps, Plans, Views, and Coins Illustrative of the Travels of Anacharsis the Younger in Greece. Shows the Euxine Sea, Mouths of the Danube, and the Bosphorus of Thrace. Good antique condition with light image transfer and light toning. approx. 8 x 10 inches

Item Number: EUR1306