1988 - Chinese Version of the 1936 Frank Dorn Map of Beijing or Peking, China *****SOLD***** - Antique Pictorial Map

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Item number: TOW620
Printed Color Pictorial Map


Maker: Frank Dorn.

Printed color map of Peking, now Beijing, China by Frank Dorn. Originally produced in 1936, this is a later Chinese edition from 1988. All of the English captions and information is translated into Chinese, which is printed throughout the map in very small characters. The original map was published with a book called "A Map and History of Peiping" and the map covers all of Beijing as contained within the old city walls as well as parts of the surrounding area. This map is packed with illustrations that represent important sites, people, and the history and culture of the city. Dorn moved to Beijing in 1934 where he studied Chinese and eventually created this map before serving in World War 2. This later publication of his map features a wealth of information on the back side about the history and culture of the people and the development of the city, all written in Chinese, including a sheet of gold leaf, a bar of music, and a list of national relics. With folds as issued. This map is in very good condition with some slight wear at the folds and a small cut in the upper right corner. Measures approx. 30 x 22.75 inches to the paper edges. **SOLD**

Item Number: TOW620