1827 - Chronological Map of the United States, exhibiting at one view the Principal Events of their Annals, from their Settlement to the Declaration of Independence. - Antique Map

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Item number: USA289
Hand Colored Genuine Antique Map

c. 1827

Maker: Carey & Lea.

Antique hand colored chronological map showing the history of the United States as colonies, from 1600 until 1776. Each row is color coordinated to indicate the state in which the events took place, although this becomes a bit complicated, for example, Massachusetts had New Hampshire under its jurisdiction from 1641 to 1679 and Maine was united with Massachusetts in 1691. Pennsylvania annexed Delaware for almost 20 years, and Carolina was split into North and South in 1729. The events decribed vary from population statistics, export information, Witchcraft executions, pirate executions, the birth of George Washington, and "tumults" over various outrages as the colonies get closer to declaring their independence. Published by Carey & Lea in 1827. Fair to good condition with a vertical crease two inches to the right from the center fold, a large seam separation (can be archivally repaired) and some toning in the center fold. A few minor spots. Priced as-is. Approx. 16.5 x 20.75 inches.

Item Number: USA289