1915 - City of Boston Plate 22 (MA) ***SOLD*** - Antique Map

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Item number: MAS1619
Genuine Antique Hand Colored Map


Maker: Bromley.

Antique hand colored map of part of the city of Boston from the 1915 atlas of Boston and Roxbury by Bromley. This map depicts parts of wards 14 and 15, including Lamartine St, Chestnut Ave, and Centre St. Interesting landmarks include the Ward Baking Co, the Supreme Theatre, the Thomas G. Plant Shoe Factory, the Boston Ice Co, and the Mass Infant Asylum, as well as churches, schools, hotels, businesses, and land and homes with property owners' names. Very good overall antique condition with light toning outside border. Approx. 22 x 33 inches **SOLD**

Item Number: MAS1619