1887 - Colton's Maps of the World - Antique Map

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Item number: WOR131
Genuine Antique Hand Colored Map


Maker: Colton.

Six Antique hand colored maps of the world that comprise a double-spread from Colton's world atlas, depicting six different features: The Land and the Co-Tidal Lines; The Principal Features of Meteorology with inset rain map; The Principal Members of the Animal Kingdom with inset bird distribution map; Ocean Currents and River Systems; Distribution and Limits of Principal Plants with inset of vertical ranges of various plants; and The Productive Industry of Various Countries, all surrounded by Colton's decorative border. Fair antique condition, light water damage mostly outside border, very light minimal staining in some of the maps, paper is slightly wavy and toned overall, approx. 15 x 27 inches including border

Item Number: WOR131