1850 - Comparative Height of Mountains, Comparative Size of Cities - Antique

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Item number: COM041
Genuine Antique Map


Maker: Smith.

Antique black and white comparative map showing the heights of mountains at the top of the map, and the comparative sizes of cities at the bottom. Published by Smith, 1850. Comparative mountains map includes the greatest height attained by man at the time, the greatest flight of the condor, the height attained by Joseph Luis Gay-Lussac in his 1804 hot air balloon experiment, and other details for reference. Comparative cities map compares the number of inhabitants of a few cities around the world (Paris, Constantinople, Calcutta, St. Petersburg, Jeddo- Now Tokyo, Manchester, etc.) and includes images outlining the general layouts of New York City and London for comparison. Features a decorative border. Good to very good overall antique condition with some mild toning throughout, and some small stains at the lower left of the map. Measures approximately 10" x 8" to the outer edges of the decorative border.

Item Number: COM041