1846 - Comparative Lengths of Rivers and Heights of Waterfalls, Tableau indiquant la Longueur des Principaux Fleuves et la Hauteur de Quelques Chutes - Antique

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Item number: COM026
Uncolored Genuine Antique Comparative Map


Maker: Barbie du Bocage.

Antique uncolored comparative map displaying the heights of the known waterfalls and length of known rivers of the world. Published in 1846 by Jean-Denis Barbie du Bocage. Note that the Nile, which is now known as the longest river, has a series of dots with a question mark, indicating that they had not yet found the headwater and therefore did not know the river's length. Good to very good antique condition with minor light foxing throughout and folds at lower corners. approx. 9.5 x 12.25 inches to the edge of the printed area

Item Number: COM026