1944 - Conquest and Liberation of France/ WWII Newsmap - Antique Map

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Item number: MIL002DS
Genuine Antique Military Lithographed Map


Maker: U.S. Government.

This is a Newsmap for the Armed Forces is from the 262nd week of the war, the 144th week of U.S. participation. It shows the conquest and liberation of France on one side in 5 maps: September 1939, May 1940, June 1940, June 1940, November 1942, and September 1944, and children on a roadside saluting soldiers in a tank. Reverse of paper includes 4 maps of: Europe, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and China with two photographs. Week of 6 September to 13 September. Volume III, No. 22B. This map measures approximately 35 x 47 inches, and is in good to very good antique condition.

Item Number: MIL002DS