1895 - County and Township Map of the States of Michigan and Wisconsin; Verso maps: Plan of the City of Detroit, County Map of Minnesota - Antique Map

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Item number: MWE410
Genuine Antique Hand Colored Map


Maker: Wanamaker/Smith.

Antique hand colored maps by Wanamaker/Smith, 1895. The double-sheet map shows Wisconsin and Michigan, colored by county with townships labeled. Inset map of Isle Royale. On the verso are two single-sheet maps: Minnesota colored by county, and a map of Detroit just as the city begins its time of serious expansion and importance in the automobile industry (many of the streets on the map are left unfinished, suggesting significant change and growth at this time). Very good condition with some toning. Double-sheet map measures 13 x 18.75 inches to the outer border line, the Detroit map is 11.25 x 14 inches and the Minnesota map is 14 x 11.75 inches to the outer border line. Priced for full sheet. Verso maps can be purchased separately for $85 each- please contact us to purchase single-sheet maps. **SOLD**

Item Number: MWE410