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1643 - The unfinished 17th century canal between Venlo and Rheinberg, Germany - Fossa Sanctae Maria - Antique Map

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Item number: CSMT058DY
Genuine Antique Map


Maker: Blaeu


Antique framed map of the Fossa Eugeniana or Spanish Rhine-Maas canal, by G. Blaeu, 1643. The Fossa Eugeniana was a large-scale ambitious project of the Spanish-Dutch Eighty Years' War planned by the then Spanish regent in Brussels, Isabella Clara Eugenia, after whom it was named, during the years 1626 -1630. It consisted of a fortified canal intended to blockade the United Provinces and to divert trade from the Rhine near Rheinberg just south of Wesel and reroute it to Venlo on the Maas, in Spanish territory. The Spanish Rhine-Maas canal had military importance, when at the time Spanish garrisons in north-western Germany reached their maximum extent, amounting to around fifty fortresses and forts. It was to be 82 ft wide, 4.6 ft deep and 37 mi long. The Fossa Eugeniana was never finished. This handsome map features original hand coloring. It is framed but should be reframed with archival materials. If you would like to purchase it without the framing, the shipping will be reduced- please let us know. Good antique condition with overall toning and no margin on the right and left sides (we have not yet opened the frame to see if it is trimmed or folded). Measures approx. 15 1/8 x 19 5/8 inches to the neatline.


Item Number: CSMT058DY