1851 - Der Mond durch das Fernrohr gesehen, The Moon - Antique Celestial Print

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Item number: CEL021
Genuine Antique Celestial "Hold-to-Light"


Maker: Wilhelm Nitzchke.

Celestial map From the Astronomischer Bilder Atlas, from Wilhelm Nitzschke, Stuttgart, 1851. "Hold To Light" maps as this have cut outs with filmy paper behind them so that when you hold them to the light, the light can shine through certain parts. In this Hold To Light, the entire moon becomes gently illuminated when the light passes through the light-weight paper. Both decorative and informative, these types of maps can be custom framed by us with glass on both sides for the light to shine through them. Good to very good overall antique condition, with some minor foxing/spotting and some slight staining in margins, approx. 11.25 x 8 inches.

Item Number: CEL021