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1630s - Burgundy Region of France - Carte geometrique des environs de l'estang de Longpendu... - Antique Map

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Item number: EUR2878
Genuine Antique Map


Maker: Mercator/Hondius/Janssonius

Carte geometrique des environs de l'estang de Longpendu : d'ont l'eau tombe dans l'ocean et dans la Mediterranee comprenant grand part du Comte du Charolois

Antique uncolored map of part of France, by Mercator/Hondius/Janssonius, c. 1630-1639. The title translates to: "Geometric map of the surroundings of the pond of Longpendu: from where the water falls into the ocean and into the Mediterranean including a large part of the County of Charolois." Shows the Burgundy region and includes Bussy, Le Mont S. Vincent, Chermoy, Brandon, Chamilly, S. Jean Gou (possibly Montceau-les-Mines). North is oriented to the right. Shows an enormous amount of place names, small villages and towns, as well as topography pictorially with mountains and trees. In the 1630s Johannes Janssonius formed a partnership with his brother in law Henricus Hondius, and together they published atlases as Mercator/Hondius/Janssonius. Very good restored condition, map has been cleaned, deacidified, and the center where the fold was has been backed (thus repairing some small seam separations). Some minor signs of age remain, including mild stains and slight waviness of the antique paper. Measures approx. 14.75 x 19.75 inches to the neatline.


Item Number: EUR2878