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1954 - Italy - L'Italia Figurata nei suoi Aspetti piu Caratteristici per Arte Storia Industria Agricoltura - Antique Map

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Item number: EUR3035
Genuine Vintage Map


Maker: Officine Fotolitografiche S.A. Milano

Antique map of Italy created for the VIII Congresso Internazionale dell'Industria Graffica e Affini in 1954. The title translates to "Italy Figured in its Most Characteristic Aspects for Art History Industry Agriculture." This map features illustrations throughout showing the local art, history, industries, and products. Vibrant original color. Published in Milan. Good to very good antique condition with folds and wear along the folds including small holes at some of the fold intersections. Measures approx. to the outside of the decorative border.

Item Number: EUR3035