1878 - Five Notable Buildings of New Jersey - Antique Print

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Item number: NJE769
Hand Colored Genuine Antique Engraving


Maker: Woolman & Rose.

Antique print from New Jersey Coast Atlas by Woolman & Rose, 1878. Includes Beekman House, Luyster House, Home of Capt John Schenck as well as his pistol (captain in the New Jersey Militia during the American Revolutionary War), House of Capt Joshua Huddy (the commander of a New Jersey Patriot militia unit and a privateer ship during the American Revolutionary War, was noted as a figure of controversy after he was executed by irregular forces of the Associated Loyalists), Model Life Saving Station of Cape May, and Awards of Honor to Joseph Francis Esq. Very good overall antique condition with some mild toning/foxing. Measures approximately 12 x 10 inches.

Item Number: NJE769