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1898 - Four Statistical Diagrams of the United States - Antique

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Item number: USA231
Genuine Antique Printed Color Diagrams


Maker: Gannett.

Antique printed color page of four statistical diagrams, based on U.S. census data, showing: The Total Population and Its Elements at Each Census (1790-1890), Constituents of the Population of the States and Territories (1890), Constituents of the Population of the Great Cities (1890), and Nationalities of the Foreign Born at Each Census (1850-1890). Very good condition with some mild toning of the antique paper. By Henry Gannett, in The Statistical Atlas of the United States- Eleventh Census, 1898. Image measures approximately 19" x 14", to include all diagrams. (Note: These four diagrams can be separated, if desired. Please contact us if this is of interest.)

Item Number: USA231