1963 - Fromaiges et Vignobles moult cogneust des finegueules et grandgousiers d'iceluy, Pais de Cocagne (Cheese Makers and Wineries of France) - Antique Map

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Item number: EUR1921
Genuine Antique-style Printed Color Map


Maker: Daniel-Lewis Derveaux.


Antique-style printed color map published in 1963 by Daniel-Lewis Derveaux. This map shows the wine regions of France in purple and locates the important cheese makers with cheese wheel symbols. Three inset maps, one of Corsica, one showing the Burgundy region, and the other showing the Bordeaux region. The decorative vignettes reinfornce the concept in the cartouche and the crest, of Pais de Cocagne. Pais de Cocagne is, in the imagination of certain European cultures, a kind of paradise land- a miraculous country whose Nature is full of generosity for its inhabitants and visitors. Far from famines and wars, Cocagne is a land of perpetual festivals and feasts, where fun and laziness is promoted, and where the work is prohibited. Is France the miraculous land of plenty? This map maker thinks so! Printed on textured paper to give the map an antique look. Very good overall antique condition. Approx. 13.5 x 18.25 inches to the border edge. **SOLD**


Item Number: EUR1921